Transcription Online: Get your transcript within minutes

Transcription online basically involves listening to an audio and video recording and then typing up the contents into a written document. The document is then submitted to a client to provide them with a written account of their initial recording. Typically, the recording could be an interview conducted by a journalist or it may also be part of a study carried out by a researcher.


There are two main types of transcription online services—verbatim and clean copy. Clean copy has to be lightly edited to remove repeated words and false starts while verbatim captures every non-verbal sound and utterance. Which type you require will depend on what you’re transcribing as well as what you’re using it for. Once you’ve figured out which method you need, you’re ready to start your transcription process!

The standard turnaround times come in numerous options. On average, it takes a transcriptionist around four hours to transcribe an hour of audio, however it would take even longer if you were to do it yourself- unless you’re an expert in transcription. By using an online transcription sofware, you can have your audio or video transcribed in about half the time.

Today, it is possible to transcribe different file formats. Common formats include .VOB .M4V .FLV .SWF.AVS .MPEG .WAV .WMA .MOV .MP4 .MP3 .AVI and .AIF. Head over there, upload your file and start transcribing now.

Yes, it is possible to use transcription online to convert audio to a foreign language. However, you need to specify the foreign language that you would like the transcription software to translate the transcript into once the transcription process is complete.

You can trust a transcription online service with your sensitive information. There is a comprehensive set of procedures and policies in place that ensure that your data is secure. If the transcription software is EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, then your data will be in safe hands.

What is Transcription Online?

Transcription online is the conversion of video and audio files to written documents using various services. The process is fast and efficient and is surprisingly inexpensive. Transcription online has numerous uses such as:

Legal Transcription

Court hearings, video or audio footage, or depositions presented as evidence, including witness accounts — these are materials that must be transcribed to render them usable and accessible by juries, lawyers, and judges. Whenever an audio or video file gets played in court, providing its transcription makes it possible for everyone involved to glean the same data from the footage. It helps reduce cases of misrepresentation.

Academic Transcription

The academic world has all types of materials. Transcription online helps students and professors to benefit from all these materials. Think of videos, interviews, and other source materials for seminars, lectures, and research papers. Today, many leading universities provide course content online. The content is often accompanied by lecture transcripts.

Market Research Transcription

Any person who wants to gather data through interviews and focus groups will want to ensure that they get the most out of the data collected. For this to happen, the data has to be recorded and then transcribed using transcription online services. It is the only way to guarantee that you will have an accurate and clean record of what was said by each participant.

Presentation/Lecture Transcription

Listing to a lecture is helpful to some people. But there are those who would rather have the lecture in writing. Depending on the subject being discussed, some students are likely to absorb the content better by reading it. Transcription online transcribes lectures, making it easier for learners to get ideas that they would not have acquired from the audio or video versions.

Keynote Speeches

Providing a transcription of the keynote speech at an event is a great way of giving the speech more staying power. Transcription online ensures that the keynote speech will be given and also recorded for posterity purposes. Transcribing the speech will help extend its reach, as the organization can also use it for marketing purposes.

How Does It Work?

Transcription online requires that you upload an audio or video file that you would like to have transcribed. A software will then start processing your recording, providing you with a Word document of the transcribed recording on completion.


DIY Transcription

This is an option for people who would prefer to transcribe the file themselves. The user will need access to a computer and foot pedals to help them listen to the audio as they type out the text transcript. Any software you choose for this service should be able to replay audio comments, as there are often instances when the audio may not be quite clear.


Transcription software

Another do-it-yourself option, but it requires some assistance. The question of whether this works is dependent on who you ask. There are a number of different transcription software packages that provide audio to text conversion services in various languages. But the big challenge is voice recognition. You need to take into account the fact that there are numerous dialects spoken around the world today. Nowadays, most premium transcription software has no problem with accents or dialects. If a native speaker is able to understand the audio, the software will also be able to understand the audio.


Audio transcription services

When it comes to transcription online, this is what is known as a do-it-for-you option. This transcription online service came to being a few years ago. Today, there are hundreds of companies providing these services across the web.
It is the preferred choice of many institutions, companies, and individuals requiring speed and accuracy. With this service, you are assured that the text version will be an accurate version of the audio or video recording submitted to the transcriber for conversion purposes.

Our Tips

When looking for transcription online services, there are several key factors that you need to take into account. They include the following:

Quality and accuracy

Depending on who you ask, this is arguably the most important factor when choosing a transcription online service. You need to find a well-respected expert in this area. Be sure to inquire about quality assurance before choosing this service to do the job. It provides an overview of how your work will be handled to ensure that you receive high-quality work.

Test trail

When hiring a transcription online service, you are basically looking for someone who will deliver top-notch work. See if they offer a free test trial. Some transcription online services let you transcribe the first minutes of your audio for free. That way you can decide if you are satisfied with the quality of the provider.

Are there things to consider before uploading your file?

Before you can upload any file for transcription online, you will need to consider a few factors. You need to take into account the audio quality, as poor quality audio files are hard to transcribe. This means that you may not end up with an accurate account of what was in the audio.
Additionally, consider the file format, file size, and duration. Do not upload large files or file formats that are not supported by the transcription online service.

In a Nutshell

A variety of clients use transcription online services. For example, the scientist who requires that her lab work be written in a style that is easy to read; the academic researcher whose focus is on ensuring that all details are captured correctly; the manager who needs to concentrate on each meeting as it happens. These are all people who require transcription online services. And the reality is that it is easier to go through a transcribed file than an audio recording. The accuracy and clarity of the transcription online service is also important.